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Classification and mechanism of antibacterial drugs
Classification and mechanism of antibacterial drugs
Ambition of Luxi Veterinary Medicine
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2015-09-28 15:41
According to legend, the ancient Indian king intended to reward Dayel, the prime minister who invented chess. The king asked, "What does Dayl want?" Dayl said to the king, "Your Majesty, please reward me with 1 grain of rice in the first grid of this chessboard, 2 grains of rice in the second grid, and 3rd.
Analysis on the current status of veterinary raw powder in China
In recent years, the direct use of veterinary raw powder (ie raw material medicine) in veterinary clinics has become more common, which has led to a series of problems, such as the occurrence of serious toxic and side effects, the increase in the rate of death of livestock and poultry, growth retardation, The production of multi-drug resistant bacteria and the increase of drug residues have brought many hidden dangers to food safety and livestock and poultry health. The author has analyzed this phenomenon, to await the attention of relevant departments.
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