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Ambition of Luxi Veterinary Medicine

Ambition of Luxi Veterinary Medicine

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Ambition of Luxi Veterinary Medicine

-------- Luxi veterinary drug preparation sector has entered the outbreak period

According to legend, the ancient Indian king intended to reward Dayel, the prime minister who invented chess. The king asked, "What does Dayl want?" Dayl said to the king, "Your Majesty, please reward me with 1 grain of rice in the first grid of this chessboard, 2 grains of rice in the second grid, and 3rd. There are 4 grains in a grid, and every square in the future will double the previous one. Please fill in all 64 squares on the board, it is enough. "

The king smiled, he thought it was easy to achieve. But how many rice grains does the prime minister want?

If you are good at calculating, you can quickly calculate that the total number of these rice grains is 18.4 trillion trillion. How much does so many rice grains weigh? There are about 40,000 grains of rice in a kilogram of rice, and the top grains of rice are equivalent to 461.1 billion tons. what is this concept? The annual rice production in China is about 500 million tons, and the prime minister wants more than 900 years of rice production in China!

This is the miracle of compound interest: If a thing has only a small increase at a time, as long as it can be repeated enough times, it can bring astronomical results.

If the above two conditions can be met, the miracle of compound interest can also be created in the sales of modern enterprises.

Six years ago, Shandong Luxi Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd. made a difficult decision: to completely abandon the old mode of human tactics and multi-level sales formed by Chinese veterinary medicine preparations over the years. Take the lead in adopting the online sales model of "Luxi Veterinary Medicine Breeding Enterprise" in China.

First of all, Luxi veterinary drugs ensure that the products meet the national standards, and organize production according to GMP requirements for veterinary drugs. The second is to omit all intermediate links and achieve zero sales expenses, zero commissions, and zero returns. Moreover, the production cost of veterinary medicine is disclosed once a month, and the product price = cost × 1.05. So that the breeding enterprises can reduce the cost of veterinary drugs by 50%. Once again, the simplest packaging is used, and no brand name is used. This will help the breeding enterprises to monitor the production cost of veterinary medicine. The freight is borne by the breeding enterprise, and the payment will be delivered. The ultimate goal of this model of Luxi veterinary medicine is to return veterinary medicine to the essential attributes of its means of production.

Without adding a full-time online sales staff, make full use of the leisure time of the existing management, production, scientific research, quality inspection, storage, guards and employees' family members to engage in the preparation of online sales of preparations. In 2015, Luxi preparations network sales are expected to be more than 10 million yuan, achieving a 97% increase. Luxi used the "invincible price" to sell this "next-generation technology" online, and after a long 5-year invention period, it finally ushered in the second stage-a period of rapid growth.

The profit model of "next-generation technology" companies is not to deliberately pursue profits during the invention period and growth period, but to wait for the scale after growth to bring huge profits for themselves. From this perspective, "next-generation technology" is a very risky model, but at the same time, due to the effect of "compound interest" (that is, we reinvest all the profits that can be achieved in the growth period into the enterprise), it also makes the profit after success high. amazing.

After six years of perseverance, Luxi veterinary drug network sales have entered a period of rapid growth. During this period, product sales may increase at a rate of 50-500% per year. This period usually lasts 5-10 years. The sales of Luxi veterinary medicine preparations are now 10 million, so what will be the result of continued growth in Luxi veterinary medicine preparations by 2020?

Based on the most conservative growth of 50%:

S = P × (1 + i) n = 1000 × (1 + 0.5) 5 = 759.39 million

If calculated at the actual growth rate of 97% in 2015:

S = P × (1 + i) n = 1000 × (1 + 0.97) 5 == 296.7 million yuan

Reducing the cost of veterinary medicine use for farming companies by 50% is Luxi ’s expectation, that is, by 2020, Luxi will save 1-4 billion yuan in veterinary drug use costs for farming companies every year.

2020 is the 10th anniversary of Luxi veterinary drug network sales. Without additional sales staff, it is expected to achieve the country's first sales of veterinary drug preparations. The reason is that Luxi and the breeding enterprises have achieved a win-win situation and formed an interdependent relationship. Luxi saves every customer as much as hundreds of thousands and millions as much. According to the calculation of saving 50% of the use cost of veterinary medicine, the new profit of the Luxi veterinary medicine used by the breeding enterprises will be as much as the money.

This is the foundation of the majority of farming enterprises loyal to Luxi veterinary medicine. This is the compound interest miracle of Luxi veterinary drug online sales! A miracle of win-win and dependence with breeding enterprises. The longer the continuous development of Luxi, the greater the value created to the breeding enterprises.

Zhuangzi said: "A hammer of one foot will take half of the day, and it will last forever." Although this sentence refers to subtraction, sales do addition. But the truth is the same, as long as there is enough repetition and certain growth, it is not a myth to create a compound interest miracle.

Shandong Luxi Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd.

Chairman: Liu Changde