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Florfenicol and Metronidazole Ear Drops
Product Name

Florfenicol and Metronidazole Ear Drops

Product Description

[Name] Florfenicol and Metronidazole Ear Drops
[Ingredients] Florfenicol, Metronidazole
[Description] This product is clear colorless to yellowish oily liquid.
[Pharmacological action] antibacterial agent. Florfenicol has strong antibacterial activity to various kinds of Gram positive and negative bacteria. Metronidazole has strong antibacterial action to anaerobes and also has efficacy against trichomonas.
[Indications] bacterial otitis media and otitis externa of dogs and cats
[Dosage and administration] drip 3-4 drops into ears each time and twice a day for consecutive 5-7 days.
[Adverse reaction] mild irritation to injured skins

1. This product is only used for pets. 
2. Please place this product out of the reach of children. 
3. Mild irritation to injured skins.

[Withdrawal period] no
[Specification] 20ml: 500mg Florfenicol + 60mg Metronidazole
[Storage] stored airtightly in a sun shading place

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