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Avermectin Pour-on Solution
Product Name

Avermectin Pour-on Solution

Product Description

[Product Name] Avermectin Pour-on Solution
[Appearance]This product is colorless to yellowish slightly sticky transparent liquid.
[Pharmacological action] Avermectin is an aniticoccidial drug against ascarid, red nematode, strongyloides ransomi, hairy nematode, metastrongylus, stephanurus dentatus adult immature worms. The repellent rate reached 94%-100%. It was also very effective against intestinal trichinella (not effective in muscle Trichinella spiralis), and also had good control effect on haematopinus suis and sarcoptes suis. Not for flukes and tapeworms. In addition, abamectin, as an insecticide, has broad spectrum activity against aquatic and agricultural insects, mites and fire ants.
[Drug interaction] Combined with diethylcarbamazine, severe or fatal encephalopathy may occur.
[Function and use] Antibiotic drugs. Used to treat nematode, acariasis, and parasitic insect diseases in domestic animals.
[Usage and dosage] Pouring or rubbing: one dose. Dog and rabbit: Internal erasure of both ears.
[Side effect] Adverse reactions have not been observed in accordance with the prescribed usage and dosage.
(1) The lactation period is forbidden.
(2) Abamectin has strong toxicity and is used with caution. Prawns, fish and aquatic organisms are highly toxic, the packaging of residual drugs do not pollute the water source.
(3) This product is unstable, especially sensitive to light, it can be oxidized and inactivated quickly. Attention should be paid to storage and use conditions.

[Storage] Shade, sealed, kept in cool darkness
[Effective period] 2 years
[Specification] 0.5% based on abamectin B1
[Package] 4ml/ bottle

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