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Fipronil and Calcium Polysulfides Spray
Product Name

Fipronil and Calcium Polysulfides Spray

Product Description

【Pharmacological action】 Fipronil is a diprazole insecticide, which can cause the central nervous system disorder of insects to cause their death, mainly used to kill pet body surface lice and fleas. Calcium polysulfide is a sulfur-containing inorganic compound, which has a strong permeability to the epidermis of mites, and can kill all kinds of mites on pet body surface. In addition, calcium polysulfide also inhibits fungi and can prevent and cure skin diseases caused by many kinds of fungal infections such as pet microsporium.
【Indications】 For the prevention and treatment of pet mites, lice, fleas and other in vitro parasites and fungal skin diseases.

【Product feature】 Broad spectrum and high efficiency, can prevent and cure pet parasitic and fungal skin diseases at the same time. Calcium polysulfide is not easy to produce drug resistance and has little irritation to skin.
(1)For external use only. 
(2)Pets are forbidden to bathe wi
thin 72 hours after use. (3)Prevent pets from licking.

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