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Compound Fipronil Spot-On for Cats
Product Name

Compound Fipronil Spot-On for Cats

Product Description

This product is formulated Fipronil and methoprene with a suitable solvent.The content of Fipronil(C12H4Cl2F6N4OS) and methoprene(C19H34O3) should be labeled amount of 90.0%~105.0%.
[Description] Light yellow clear liquid.
[Function and purpose] Insecticide.For killing the adult of flea,flea eggs and larvae in the cats’ surface.
[Dosage and administration] Topical and drops on the skin of each cat 0.5ml.
[Withdrawal period] No
[Specification] 0.5ml,Fipronil and methoprene are 50mg and 60mg respective.
[Storage] Shading,stored in a cool and dry place.
[Validity] Three years

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