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Compound Fipronil Spot-On for Dogs
Product Name

Compound Fipronil Spot-On for Dogs

Product Description

【Pharmacology】Fipronil through the interference of chloride channels in the regulation of the chloride channel, resulting in the central nervous system of insects and ticks disorder until death. Mainly through the stomach toxicity and contact toxicity to kill, but also has a certain role in drug action. 
【Purpose】Used to kill adult fleas,eggs,larva and ticks on the body surface of the dogs.
[Usage and dosage] Topical drops on the skin.
Dogs weight less than 10KG: 0.67ml
Dogs weight 10 ~ 20KG: 1.34ml
Dogs weight 20 ~ 40KG: 2.68ml
Dogs weight 40 ~ 60KG: 4.02ml
Dogs weight 60KG above: 4.02ml plus a small tube
【Product feature】 Fipronil is a broad spectrum insecticide for the prevention and treatment of many kinds of insect pests. it is not easy to produce drug resistance, it also have a very strong killing effect on inset pests which have drug resistance for chrysanthemum ester, amino acid ester insecticide. and the residual effect period is long. 
(1)For external use only on dogs, and it is not in the place where the dog is licking. 
(2)Do not use shampoo to wash animals within 48 hours before and after use. 
(3) Do not use on puppies below 10 weeks of age.

[Withdrawal period] None
[Specification] Fipronil 10%w/v and (S)-Methoprene 9%w/v.
[Storage] Kept in Shading, cool and dry place.
[Validity] 3 years

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