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【Function】Bromadiolone is a efficient rodenticid. Have good palatability, high toxicity, and wide target spectrum.
【Product Features】
(1) Has anticoagulant effect, slow efficacy, not easy to cause surprise.
(2) Strong toxicity, less dosage.
(3) Unfavorable to produce resistant.
(1) Strong toxicity raticide
(2) Can irritate the eyes and skin, avoid direct contact.
(3) Don’t direct inhalation or eat.
(4) Toxic to aquatic organisms such as fish and aquatic insects, thus avoid contamination of ponds and waterways.
Dosage form:

品名 含量 性状
溴敌隆膏剂 0.005% 膏剂
溴敌隆溶液 0.5% 溶液


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