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Glutaraldehyde and Deciquam Solution
Product Name

Glutaraldehyde and Deciquam Solution

Product Description

【Specification】 Glutaraldehyde 5% + Deciquam 5%
【Pharmacology】 Glutaraldehyde can kill bacteria and spores, fungi, viruses. Deciquam can hinder bacterial metabolism, changes the permeability of bacteria’s membrane. Auxiliary Glutaraldehyde to kill bacteria, enhance the disinfection effect.
【Indications】 Used for disinfection of farms, workplaces, equipment and eggs for hatching etc.
【Usage and Dosage】 add with water.
Spraying: conventional environmental disinfection, 1:2000-4000 dilution;
Epidemics occur (environmental disinfection), 1:500-1000.
Soak: equipment disinfection, 1:1500-3000
【Product Features】 High-efficacy disinfectant

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