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Diazinon EC

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【Specification】 60%
【Pharmacology】 Medium toxicity Pesticide
【Indications】 insecticide. For killing parasites such as itch mites, scab mite, ticks and lice.
【Usage and dosage】 Medicated bath: Per 1000L water, first time sheep soaked with 250 g (417 ml), the replenishment solution adds 750g (1250 ml); First time cow soaked with 625g (1042ml), the replenishment solution adds 1500g (2500ml).

【Product Feature】 Strong insecticidal effect. Broad spectrum insecticide. Short residual period.

(1) Veterinarian special: Only use to control parasitic on sheep, goats, pigs, horses, donkeys, camels, rabbit, cattle and buffalo, such as external parasites (ticks mites, flies, ticks, etc.). 
(2) High toxicity. Strictly use follows with the instructions. 
(3) Prohibit to use for poultry,milk cow and lactating animals.

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