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Cypermethrin solution

Product Description

【Specification】 10%
【Pharmacology】 Pyrethroid insecticide, which has the effects of contact killing, stomach toxicity, antifeeding and good residual activity
【Indications】 Ectoparasiticide. For killing parasites such as itch mites, scab mite, ticks and lice. Also use to kill insect pests in livestock and poultry houses, such as mosquitoes and flies etc.

【Product Feature】 High efficiency and quick speed, strong knockdown, low toxicity.
(1) Read the label carefully and follow the instructions.
(2) After use, don't let the baby suck, until the fur dry.
(3) Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
(4) Toxic to fish and the bees. Avoid contamination of ponds and waterways.
(5) Don’t eat, drink or smoke when spraying. Stay away from the food or drink.
(6) Only for external use, security storage.

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