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Amitraz Solution

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【Specification】 12.5%
【Pharmacology】 Broad spectrum insecticide, function as stomach toxicity, contact toxicity and Systemic action toxicity. Main interference insects’ nervous system, increase the excitability. Thus affect insects’ growth.
【Indications】 Apply to kill all kinds of Mammalian parasites such as mites, ticks, fleas, lice, fly, etc.
【Usage and Dosage】 dipping, spraying, inunction. Livestock with a solution of 0.025% ~ 0.05% 

【Product Feature】 Broad spectrum insecticide. Long residual effect, can maintain 6-8 weeks. Safe for human beings and animals.
(1) Seriously infected animals after 7 days treat, reuse once. 
(2) This product can irritate the skin. Hence, avoid skin and eye contact.
(3) The equine is sensitive to Amitraz, and highly toxic to fish. Hence, Don't make solution contaminated fish ponds and rivers.
(4) Banned in dairy goats and aquatic food animals.


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