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Cyromazine 2% SG

Product Description

For control of fly larvae in cattle, pig, and poultry-operations, can effectively control the reproduction of the fly larvae in animal stables. It also applies to garbage, fertilizer heaps, cesspools, and places that are conducive to the development of flies.
Active Ingredient:
Cyromazine is a 1, 3, 5-triazine insect growth regulator, has the function of internal absorption and conduction. It can make diptera larvae and pupae form distortion in the course of development. By interfering with molting and pupation, the emergence of adults is inhibited or incomplete. Both oral and local application had no lethal effect on adults, but the hatching rate of eggs decreased after oral ingestion. Mainly used to kill fly larvae, can effectively control the reproduction of the larvae of flies in animal stables. 
Cyromazine is ineffective against mature flies. One to two weeks after application, the population of adult flies was gradually eliminated. Therefore a quick effect of the remedy cannot be expected. It can be used simultaneously or alternatively with fly adulticides to get better fly control performance. 

Convenient - Cyromazine 2% SG is easy to use, can be dry scattering and sprayed.
Safe- Animals do not contact with drug, avoid drug residues. Cyromazine is harmless to humans, animals and natural enemies of flies, and has no adverse effect on animal growth, egg production and breeding. Safe to use in broilers, laying hens, pigs, cattle, sheep.
Environmental Friendly - The active components of Cyromazine can be decomposed in soil and have no pollution to the environment.Manure treated with Cyromazine 2% SG can be used as soil fertilizer supplement.
Drying scattering: Apply Cyromazine 2% SG directly and evenly on the fly breeding sites, 250 g of Cyromazine 2% SG per 10 m2. 
Use dry scattering only in case of wet or liquid manure. Wear gloves when scattering. The remedy spread on a dry surface cannot penetrate enough and does not evolve its effect. The drug should be spread on wet manure, when applied on dry manure need using sprayer or watering can to wet the manure.
Spraying: Mix 250 g Cyromazine 2% SG with 10 L of water, and  spray evenly over 10 m2 of fly breeding sites with manual or electric sprayers or other suitable spraying equipment。
Application times:
Preventive measures shall be taken within one or two days prior to the entry of livestock and poultry after cleaning the entire stables. 2nd and 3rd application at intervals of 14 days depending on the number of flies. For example, for pigs, it is recommended that animals be treated for the first time before entering the stables. At this point, there are no animals in the stables, and the preventive dose must be doubled (500g Cyromazine 2% SG per 10 m2). Shortly after the treatment the animals should move into the stables. According to the sanitary control of the stables, effective hygiene management can prolong the treatment interval to 21 days and reduce the dosage of drugs. Conversely, treatment intervals are reduced to increase drug use.
Operating instructions:
Cyromazine 2% SG is a water-soluble granule suitable for dry scattering or spraying. It should be administrate at the breeding places of fly larvae. During the administration there is no need to remove the animals from the stable. Prevent contamination of feed troughs and water troughs.
Calves on solid ground with straw
Fly larvae are not developing where the animals trample straw. Therefore the stable can be treated with Cyromazine on the walls and around the feeding trough and stakes. 
Pigs and cattle on slats and /or solid ground
Treat the slats, if possible the underside too, by spraying or pouring them with Cyromazine. Especially places with battens or pipes along the walls should be treated. A 50 cm strip on the walls and at the feeding stations should be treated too.
Poultry houses, barriers and flat-decks
The entire surface of manure has to be treated uniformly. The best results are achieved when the first treatment takes place about one week after clean out, the layer of manure should not be higher than 10 cm. The second administration should be done 14 days later. Bigger amounts of dung can require a third treatment.

Safety instructions:
Keep away from children, animal and heater. Do not store together with foods and feedstuff.
Don’t eat, drink, or smoke while working. Wear gloves and protective clothing as well as a respirator mask during administration. 
Empty packing bags shall not be used to hold other materials.
Do not apply Cyromazine 2% SG directly to livestock or livestock feed as it may lead to illegal residues.
Do not feed the faeces treated with Cyromazine 2% SG to animals. To avoid illegal residues, take a day (24 hours) between last use and slaughter.
The drug should be spread on wet manure, when applied on dry manure need using sprayer or watering can to wet the manure, or administer the drug by spraying or watering.
Cyromazine 2% SG is excellently soluble in water. As it is hygroscopic, packing should be tightly closed and kept dry. 
Manure treated with Cyromazine 2% SG can be used as soil fertilizer supplement. Do not apply more than 4 tons of manure treated with Cyromazine 2% SG per acre per year. It may be detrimental to plant growth. Do not apply treated manure to small grain crops that will be harvested or grazed, it may result in illegal residues.

Storage Condition: 
Preparation of Luxi-Cyromazine 2% SG is sealed in the original packaging and is kept in a cool and dry place. Store at 0 ℃~30 ℃. Shelf life is 2 years under the storage conditions. 

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