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Maduramicin + Nicarbazin Premix

Product Description

【Active Ingredients】Maduramicin 1% + Nicarbazin 12.5%
【Indications】 Control or prevent poultry coccidiosis
【Function】 Nicarbazin as the core component, compound with ionic carrier type anticoccidial drugs. Then become to a new anticoccidial drug. Have strong exterminate effect on Eimeria tenella, Eimeria acervulina, Podbielniak Eimeria, Eimeria necatrix and Eimeria maxima. Can significantly reduce poultry mortality rate, reduce intestinal diseases.
【 Usage and dosage 】 Mixed feeding, 500g/MT Feed

【Product Features】
(1)Through compound chemosynthetic anticoccidial drug with ionophore anticoccidial drug significantly enhanced anticoccidial effect.
(2)Reduce chickens’ heat stress reaction to Nicarbazin, can be used in the summer.
(3)Good compatibility can be used with multiple growth promoters.
(4)Stable in feed processing process. Have no effect on the efficacy.
【 Note 】
(1)Forbid using in layer chicken. 
 (2) 7 days withdrawal period

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