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Diclazuril premix 1%

Product Description

Active ingredients: Diclazuril
Properties: Light yellow powder or off-white powder.
Pharmacological action: Diclazuril is a triazine broad-spectrum anticoccidial drug, which mainly inhibits the proliferation of sporozoites and schizonts. The active peak period of coccidia is in sporozoites and first-generation schizonts (ie, coccidia life). The first 2 days of the cycle). It has a coccidiostat effect and has an effect on all stages of coccidia development. It has good effects on chicken tenderness, heap type, poison, Brinell, giant and other Eimeria, duck and rabbit coccidia. After diclazuril is fed to the chicken, a small part is absorbed by the digestive tract, but due to the small amount and the total amount of absorption, the amount of the drug in the tissue is small. The mixture was mixed at a dose of 1 mg/kg, and on the 7th day after the last administration, the average residual amount in the chicken tissue was measured to be less than 0.063 mg/kg. Diclazuril is less toxic and safe for livestock and poultry. Long-term use of this product is easy to induce drug resistance, so it should be used for shuttle or short-term use. The action time of this product is short, and the effect disappears after 2 days of withdrawal.
Indications: for the prevention of coccidiosis in poultry and rabbits.
Dosage: In this product: mixed feeding: 100g for poultry and rabbits per 1000kg of feed.
Adverse reactions: used according to the prescribed dose, no adverse reactions were observed.
(1)Mix well with the feed before use, otherwise it will affect the efficacy or cause adverse reactions. 
(2)The laying period of laying hens is prohibited. 
(3)Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Storage: shading, sealed, and kept in a dry place.

Withdraw period: chicken 5 days. 

Packing : 25kg/bag 

Validity: two years

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