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Shandong Luxi Meets at 2020 America IPPE

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Shandong Luxi Meets at 2020 America IPPE

2020.01.28 ~ 2020.01.30, IPPE was held at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, United States.

 IPPE is the world's largest professional exhibition of feed and poultry. The exhibition mainly displays the technology, equipment, raw material supply and related industries in the production and processing of poultry and eggs. It is the most influential exhibition in the world industry.  The exhibition brings together high-quality trade buyers and influential trade professionals as an international event for the global livestock industry.

Luxi first join the IPPE exhibition

Shandong Luxi Animal Medicine Share Co., Ltd was founded in 1989, is the first private joint-stock enterprises in the same industry, high-tech enterprises.The main products are Coccidial drugs, Anti-fly drugs, Insecticides, Antibiotics, Growth promote agents, Acidifiers and so on, more than 100 kinds of products. Many of these products have changed the situation of relying on import for many years, and filled the gap in the country and became the pride of the veterinary drug industry in Shandong Province.

Mr. Liu Changde, Chairman of Shandong Luxi Animal Medicine Share Co., Ltd., attended the event with Ms. Yan Hongyun, Manager of International Business Department, and Mr. Liu Kai,  Chairman Assistant.  

Luxiam bright sword on international stage   

Today's increasingly competitive international market requires companies to spare no effort in pursuit of excellence. Enterprises must maintain their competitive advantage, accurately predict the future direction of market development, and quickly implement new business strategies. Luxi is a powerful pioneer and practitioner at the forefront of the times, taking advantage of the world trend and daring to shine his sword.

Luxi's excellent Fly Killer Product(Cyromazine SG 2%, Thiamethoxam WP, Azamethiphos WP etc.) and insecticidal solution (cypermethrin solution, diazinon solution, amitraz solution, fenvalerate solution, phoxim pour-on, abamectin pour-on, albendazole & ivermectin premix), internal plus external work together, kill the in vitro and in vivo parasites,deworm and harmful insects. Which attracting a lot of foreign clients interest and buying wish.

Luxi's other products such as anti-coccidiosis products, substitute antibiotic-products, pet medicine products are also sought after by domestic and foreign merchants, after the detailed product introduction and technical exchanges of the elites of Luxi, customers have shown a strong intention to cooperate.


A Better Luxi in The Future

Through this exhibition, we recommend products and services to international customers, at the same time, we have obtained new developments in the international market. This makes us continue to run forward, with a stronger international competitiveness. On the road of the future, Luxiam will be more attentively managed, to show the world the power of China with best products!  

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