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2019 Shanghai CPHI Ends Perfectly, Shandong Luxi Provide Great Products 15 years

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2019 Shanghai CPHI Ends Perfectly, Shandong Luxi Provide Great Products 15 years

On 18-20 June 2019, the “CPhI China 2019” is held in a grand ceremony at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Shanghai CPHI started in 2000 and is held once a year. It has developed into the largest, highest-level and most influential international conference in Asia. It is an excellent way for companies to open their doors to expand their international markets.

Shandong Luxi competed with the world's top pharmaceutical manufacturers for 15 years. After unremitting efforts and persistence, it has gained a place in the international arena and has been recognized by international customers and won wide acclaim and respect. The Luxi brand has also become one of the international brands, escorting the healthy development of the international animal husbandry.

Our company has always attached great importance to this CPHI, dispatched the international business department with experienced foreign trade experience, and took the Luxi great fly-killing and insecticide solution to participate in the exhibition. It has won the favor of many foreign customers and has negotiated in-depth cooperation.

Shandong Luxi animal medicine share co.,ltd obtained the qualification certificate of import and export enterprise in 1999, and it is the first batch of enterprises to go out in the domestic veterinary drug industry. At present, the products have been exported to 51 countries and regions and have been recognized by international customers.

Luxi's solution (cyromazine, thiamethoxam, azamethiphos, etc.) can kill maggots and adult flies, and solve the problem from the roots. Domestic and foreign customers attracted by its reputation come here to consult and negotiate.

Luxi's insecticide solutions (albendazole&ivermectin premix, diazinon solution, fenvalerate solution, amitraz solution, Purified Malathion Solution, Cypermethrin Solution, avermectin pour-on solution), both internal and external use, the in vitro and in vivo parasites disappeared in one fell swoop, attracting domestic and foreign customers to stop and consult.

Cooperation has become a family of Luxi for many years, visit our booth again, deepen feelings and negotiate more in-depth cooperation details in the future.

Through this exhibition, we have obtained new developments in the international market while recommending products and services to international customers. This makes us run forward and have a stronger international competitiveness. On the road of the future, Luxi Animal Medicine will be more carefully managed, using good products and good quality to show the Made in China power to the world!

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