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2019 Asian VIV (Thailand) Perfect Ending, Shandong Luxi Offered 10th Competitive Products

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2019 Asian VIV (Thailand) Perfect Ending, Shandong Luxi Offered 10th Competitive Products

The 15th VIV Asia 2019 was opened on March 13-15 at the International Trade Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

Asia's VIV, which began in 1991 and is held every two years, has developed into the most famous, most influential and most appealing international livestock fair in Asia.

Luxi attaches importance as always on this VIV. Manager Hongyun Yan and Ms. Zhonghua Li from the international business division, and Mr. Kai Liu, general manager assistant,took Luxi's most competitive products which the kill flies and kill insects to attend the exhibition.Which have won many new and old foreign customers favor, and came to negotiated the deep cooperation.


Shandong Luxi animal medicine share co., ltd obtained import and export enterprise qualification certificate in 1999, is the first batch of domestic veterinary drug industry to go out of the enterprise. At present, the products have been exported to 51 countries and regions, and have been recognized by international customers.

Luxi's fly and maggot control solution (cyromazine, thiamethoxam, Azamethiphos, etc.) can effectively kill fly maggots and adult flies, and solve the problem of fly and maggots from the root causes. Has attracted the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Nepal, Egypt and other domestic and foreign customers come to consult and negotiate.

Luxi's insecticidal solution (cypermethrin solution, diazinon solution, amitraz solution, fenvalerate solution, phoxim pour-on, abamectin pour-on, albendazole & ivermectin premix), internal plus external work together, kill the in vitro and in vivo parasites,deworm and harmful insects. Which attracting a lot of foreign clients interest and buying wish.

Luxi's other products such as anti-coccidiosis products, substitute antibiotic-products, pet medicine products are also sought after by domestic and foreign merchants, after the detailed product introduction and technical exchanges of the elites of Luxi, customers have shown a strong intention to cooperate.

Philippines, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia old customers, years of cooperation has become Luxi family, once again visit our booth, deepen the relationship, negotiate more in-depth details of cooperation in the future.

Thanks to an old Peruvian friend, he offered to introduce and promote Luxi's products to his friends as a publicist and staunch advocate. Thank you for your recognition and support to our products, click on like for your understanding of the characteristics of our products!

Luxi by virtue of product advantages, once again become a bright spot in the same industry, attracting a large number of foreign businessmen stop to visit and consult negotiations.

      Through this exhibition, Luxi, while recommending products and services to international customers, has gained new information of the international market. This allows us to continue to run forward, constantly strengthening our own international competitiveness. In the future, we will take more effort to operate, with our good products and high quality to the world to continue to prove that Luxi Animal Medicine worthy of international experts in killing flies and insects!

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