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Promote "Belt and Road" International Cooperation, Shandong Luxi Animal Medicine share Co., Ltd.

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Promote "Belt and Road" International Cooperation, Shandong Luxi Animal Medicine share Co., Ltd.

 Actively Expand New Space in Overseas Markets

   2018 the 13th International AgriTek and FarmTek Exhibition of Kazakhstan

Market Background

Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world, the land area is larger than the whole of Europe, also the most stable and effective economic country in the Central Asia and the CIS countries. According to the trend of the government increase investment in agriculture, Kazakhstan’s agricultural market rising, modern agricultural enterprises development rapidly, agricultural output accounted for 11% of the total economy. In animal husbandry industry, animal husbandry of Kazakhstan is very developed, dairy products, meat, leather, wool occupies the most important position in Kazakhstan. The arable land area is 30 million hectares, accounting for 12% of the whole country area; farm accounted for 80% of the agricultural land, the total number of sheep and wool production occupy an important position in the Kazakhstan’s economy. It is expected that by 2020, the beef cattle population will increased 61% of the total stock. For international suppliers, the Kazakh market provides a very high quality platform for sales and cooperation in agriculture and animal husbandry.

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Exhibition Introduction

On March 14-16, 2018, the 13th International AgriTek and FarmTek Exhibition of Kazakhstan was held at the Korme Convention and Exhibition Center in Astana. The exhibition was founded by the TNT International Exhibition Company of the United States. It is the largest international agricultural exhibition in Astana, Kazakhstan. Held once a year, which has been successfully held for 12 times so far. At the annual exhibition, exhibitors from all over the world who are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry come together with visiting guests for business talks. Technology exchange and information updating. In 2017, 333 enterprises from 24 countries around the world participated in the exhibition, 68 of them were Kazakhstan company, others were foreign companies. The indoor area is more than 5000 square meter, the outdoor area is more than 1000 square meter; the professional audience is more than 4340. As the most professional agricultural exhibition in Kazakhstan, this exhibition is an important link and platform for agricultural trade and technology exchange to both domestic and abroad.

Shandong Luxi actively participated in the exhibition and returned with great harvest



Luxi International Insect Repellent Expert

Shandong Luxi Animal Medicine Share Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, obtained the import and export certificate of in 1999, and expanded business to the international market. Luxi is the first batch of domestic veterinary medicine enterprises go out to the international market. At present, our products have been exported to more than 51 countries and regions. Luxi has, as always, attached great importance to the international market and actively participated in the 13th International AgriTek and FarmTek Exhibition of Kazakhstan. We continuously to make friends with internationally renowned personage. Determined to make a greater contribution to the global animal husbandry healthy development!

Luxi's insect repellent solution products (Diazinon solution, Ivermectin oral solution, Fenvalerate solution, Amitraz solution, Phoxim pour-on solution, Avermectin pour-on solution, Fipronil solution and suspensions etc). High quality,  variety and total insect control programs, won foreign friends favor and praise Luxi is the international expert on insect repellent!

Flow of people visit Luxi booth, foreign merchants in an endless stream; Luxi vice president Ms. Yan Meng and International Business Division elites Ms. Xiaojing Li, Ms. Wei Wang patiently to distribute company information, introduce company's products, answer questions to the customers.

Luxi vice president Ms. Yan Meng communicate with foreign merchants, foreign merchants are very interested in Luxi products!

Foreign merchants are very satisfied with the Luxi products, both sides are full of confidence in the future cooperation! Foreign new and old customers have expressed the hope to establish and strengthen cooperation with Luxi in the future to achieve mutual benefit.


Luxi vice president Ms. Yan Meng and Ms. Xiaojing Li took a photo with foreign merchants.

Thanks to the support and trust from domestic and foreign customers, Luxi will protect the animal health with more professional and comprehensive innovative products and services in the future.

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