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  • Product name: Decoquinate premix 6%
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  • On time: 2018-11-23
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Decoquinate premix 6%
Main ingredient: decoquinate
Properties: This product is a white powder.
Pharmacological action: quinoxaline is a quinoline anticoccidial drug, the main role is to hinder the development of coccidia sporozoites, the peak period is the first day after coccidiosis infection. Because it can significantly inhibit the host body's immunity to coccidia, it should be applied continuously throughout the growth cycle of broilers. Coccidia are susceptible to quinoxalate and should be rotated regularly. Its anticoccidial effect is related to the size of the drug particles, the finer the particles, the stronger the anticoccidial effect. It is mainly used to prevent coccidiosis caused by chicken displacement, tenderness, giant, heap type, poison and Eimeria brucei.
Indications: Used to prevent coccidiosis in chickens.
Usage and dosage: based on this product. Mixed feeding: 453g of chicken per 1000kg of feed, used for 7-14 days.
Drug withdrawal period: 5 days.
Adverse reactions: There are no regulations for the standard.
Note: Laying hens are forbidden during laying period; they should not be used in feed containing bentonite.
Specifications: 100g: 6g
Packing:  25kg/bag
Storage: shading, sealed, kept in a cool place.
Validity: two years