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  • Product name: Fenbendazole
  • No.: 19
  • On time: 2014-10-17
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  [Character] It is white or white alike powder.
  [Pharmacy] This product belongs to benzimidazole class. It has broad-spectrum antiscolic effect. Nematode is sensitive to it, and it also has strong effect on cestode and trematode, but no effect on schistosome. Its effect mechanism mainly is that this product will function when combined with canaliculus albumen of eelworm. After be taken orally, only little of it was absorbed. Ruminant is slow while single-stomach animal is quick. Taken orally, the blood concentration will reach the peak: dog 24 hours; sheep 2-3 days. The absorbed parts will metabolize to sulfoxide (active Oxfendazole ) and sulfone. In cattle, sheep and pig, 44%-55% benzimidazole will excrete along with the dejecta in the form of original form and less than 1% excretes in the urine.
  [Indication] Nematodiasis, cestodediasis and trematodiasis of the animal.
  (1) Single dosage usually does effect on dog and cat. It must be curing for 3 days.
  (2) It's forbidden to use on the horse for the meat.
  [Usage and Dosage] Calculated according to Fenbendazole.
  Oral: pig, cattle, sheep and horse 5 - 7.5mg for every 1 kg avoirdupois; birds 10 - 50mg; dog, cat 25 - 50mg. (Daily dosage pig, cattle, sheep: 3 -4KG /MT of this product mixing with feed; Birds: 4 -20KG /MT mixing with feed; If for long term usage, 100 -200G /MT mixing with feed.)
  [Withdrawal Time] cattle and sheep are 14 days, pig is 3days, and milk withdrawal time is 5days.
  [Specification] 5%