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  • Product name: Diclazuril solution 0.5% 1000ml
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  • On time: 2018-11-23
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Diclazuril solution 0.5%


Main ingredients: Diclazuril
Pharmacological action: Diclazuril is a kind of complete blocking of the life cycle of six Eimeria, inhibiting coccidia activity, reducing the energy produced by coccidia, and limiting the release of coccidia to the body. toxin. For example, it is very effective in the asexual and sexual aspects of Eimeria tenella, sensitive to the late genital mutilation of Eimeria, and has a great inhibitory effect on the gametophyte of Eimeria maxima. The second generation of Eimeria is susceptible to fission, and it inhibits the size of gametophyte cells of Eimeria brucei, so the discharge of various oocysts is completely inhibited.
Function and Indications: Anti-protozoal drugs for the prevention of chicken coccidiosis. Usage and Dosage: Mixed drink, 0.5~1mg per 1L of water chicken (calculated as diclazuril).
Drug withdrawal period: chicken 5 days, the laying period is prohibited.
Bad reaction: no provision for standard
Note: When handling and handling, be careful not to squeeze.
Storage: shading, sealed and preserved.
Validity period: two years
Packing: 1000ml / bottle * 10 / box