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  • Product name: Cyromazine premix 10% /1%
  • No.: 08
  • On time: 2018-12-05
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Cyroamzine premix 10%
Main ingredient: cyromazine.
Properties: This product is white or beige powder.
Pharmacological action: Cyclopropazine is an insect growth regulator that inhibits the molting of the Diptera larvae, especially the larvae of the first stage of the larvae, which hinders the reproduction of the maggots and also causes the maggots to die without molting. Chickens are administered orally, and the fly maggots can be completely eliminated even if the drug content in the feces is extremely low. When the concentration in the feed is greater than 1 mg/kg, it can control the development of most maggots in the feces, and 5 mg/kg is enough to control various fly maggots. It usually works 6-24 hours after administration and lasts for 1-3 weeks. Chickens take less absorption after taking this product, and their body is mainly metabolized to melamine. It is mainly excreted from the feces by a prototype. Because cyromazine is low in fat solubility, it rarely remains in tissues. This product is harmless to natural enemies of humans, animals and flies, and has no effect on animal growth, egg production and reproduction. It is mainly used to control the growth and reproduction of maggots in animal houses and to kill maggots in the septic tanks to protect the environment.
Role and use: fly kill drugs. It is used to control the reproduction of fly larvae in animal houses.
Dosage: used to prepare 1% premix. Drug withdrawal period: chicken 3 days.
Adverse reactions: There are no regulations for the standard.
Note: (1) Avoid contact with children and keep out of reach of children. (2) When the concentration of the drug reaches 25mg/kg, the feed consumption can be increased. If the dosage is above 500mg/kg, the feed consumption can be reduced. Long-term feeding above 1000mg/kg may die due to too little food intake. (3) It is advisable to apply 1 to 2 tons of chicken manure per hectare to feed the product. More than 9 tons may be detrimental to plant growth.
Storage: shading, sealed, kept in a cool place. Validity: two years
Specifications: 10%
Packing: 25kg/bag