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  • Product name: Thiamethoxam WP 1% /10%
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  • On time: 2018-12-05
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Thiamethoxam WP 1%


Mainly used to control and kill flies in breeding places. It has high activity to Coleoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera, especially for Homoptera, and can effectively control all kinds of flies, beetles and so on.


Active Ingredient:
Thiamethoxam is a new nicotine insecticide with high efficiency and low toxicity. It can selectively inhibit the niacin acetylcholinesterase receptor in the insect central nervous system, and then block the normal conduction of insect central nervous system, causing paralytic death of pests. Thiamethoxam not only has the characteristics of contact killing, stomach poison and endosmotic activity, but also has higher activity, better safety, wider insecticidal spectrum, faster action speed, longer-lasting period and so on. It is a good substitute for those organophosphorus, carbamate and organochlorine pesticides which with high toxicity to mammals, residual and environmental problems. Compared with the traditional insecticides, Thiamethoxam has no cross resistance problem.

Thiamethoxam is mainly effective against mature flies. Large amount of dead adult flies will be found around the drop after application. It can be used simultaneously or alternatively with fly larvicides to get better fly control performance.



1. High Efficiency - Unique fly-attract formula, 1 day after apply the drug show a higher control effect.

2. Lasting - The residual period is about 25 days.

3. Safety - New nicotine insecticide with high efficiency and low toxicity, also has higher activity, better safety.



Operating instructions:

Thiamethoxam wettable powder is a ready to use scatterbait for the control of house flies in farms. It is suitable for Scatterbait, Coating or Hang-up. It should be administrate at the gathering places of flies. During the administration there is no need to remove the animals from the stable. Prevent contamination of feed troughs and water troughs.


1. Scatterbait:
Scatter Thiamethoxam wettable powder very lightly under the dose of 2g / m2 on the ground surface of the areas frequented by flies, e.g., pathways, windowsills, gap between the column, etc. If Thiamethoxam wettable powder cannot be scattered onto the floor directly, scatter in other containers, such as shallow disks, etc. Or use of hanging disk, hanging bag and other equipment, each disk or bag evenly distributed 50g of this product.

2. Coating

Take 250g of this product, fully mixed with 200ml warm water, 30 points per 200m2 .

3. Hang-up:
Lightly scatter suitable amount of Thiamethoxam wettable powder on moistened cardboard (2g/m2). After drying, hanging the cardboard at the areas frequented by flies. During use, a small amount of lemon juice, milk or raw eggs can be sprayed on the surface of the cardboard to enhance the attractiveness to flies.




Application times:

According to the sanitary control of the stables, effective hygiene management can reduce the dosage of drugs. Conversely, increase drug use. The drug residual period is about 25 days



According to the sanitary control of the stables. In general, 2 g / m2, about 30 points per 200 m2. High insecticidal activity, Do not blindly increase the amount of medicine used.


Safety instructions:

Keep out of reach of children. Do not store together with foods and feedstuff.

Don’t eat, drink, or smoke while working. Wear gloves and protective clothing as well as a respirator mask during administration.

Empty packing bags shall not be used to hold other materials.

Cannot be mixed with alkaline medicament.

Toxic to bees.

Do not apply Thiamethoxam wettable powder directly to livestock or livestock feed as it may lead to poisoning or illegal residues.




Thiamethoxam wettable powder can be soluble in water. As it is hygroscopic, packing should be tightly closed and kept dry.

The indoor effect is much more better than the outdoor effect.



Storage Condition

Preparation of Luxi-Thiamethoxam wettable powder is kept in the original packaging, sealed. Place in the dry and non-living area. Keep away from children and animals. Keep away from food, feed and heater. Store in temperature within 0-30°C. Quality guarantee period is 2 years since the date of production. Expired use prohibited.