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  • Product name: Deltamenthrin1% w/v
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  • On time: 2014-10-17
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Deltamethrin1% pour-on
Deltamethrin is used as dip or spray solution for prevention & treatment of ectoparasitic infestation in cattle, & sheep for the following parasites: mange, Lice, ticks, biting flies.
Do not use in animals known to be hypersensitive to pyrethroids.
Dosage and administration: shake before use
Dosage for sheep & goat: Ticks, Flies andLice at the rate of 1 ml / kg
Dosage for cattle, Camel and Horse: Ticks, Flies and Lice at the rate of 1 ml / 10kg.

Withdrawal period:
Milk:   1 day
Meat:  3 days
Apply along the back line, from the shoulder to the root of the tail using a measuring dispenser. In case of heavy brown ear or blue tick challenge; apply deltamethrin from the base of the skull to the root of the tail. Treat at regular intervals of 15 to 30 days according to the parasite challenge.
Repeat as required according to the challenge.
The longer the product is regularly applied the more the tick population will be reduced.
For black fly (Simulium) apply to the ear and underline. For control of nuisance flies; use 2 treatments at weekly intervals. Then, use according to the challenge For tsetse flies apply as for ticks.
This provides longer lasting effect.
How to use the applicator:
Remove the cape the calibrate chamber with out removing the cap, squeeze the container until the correct dosage volume is present in the calibrate chamber and apply as prescribed.
Side effects
In rare cases localized skin lesions, localiseddermatics or erythema, ,pruritus& hair loss can be observed.
In extremely rare cases neurological signs such as tremor and lethargy have been reported. If this occurs the collar should be removed. These symptoms usually subside within 48 hours. Treatment can be only symptomatically, as there is no specific antidote known.
Warnings: Do not use on calves/lamb under 1 month of age. Toxic to fish, bees, and other insects
Precautions: Wear suitable gloves & protection for the eyes & face. Do not spray facing the wind. Always wash hands & exposed parts of the body after use.
Avoid direct contact with this product.
In case of accidental contamination of the skin.wash skin immediately and thoroughly with soaandwater.
In case of accidental contamination of the eyes, flush the eye with large quantities of water and consult a medical doctor
Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Away from heat, food drink & animal feeding stuff.
Presentation: Plastic bottle of 500ml, 1lt.
Keep out of reach of children, uniformed person, near feed source and animals.